6th Grade Towers


Technology Standard


[Technological Design] Standard 9: Students will develop an understanding of engineering design.
Standard 11 - Students will develop abilities to apply the Design Process.

[Technological Literacy] Standard 1: Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology.

Efficiency = Failure Weight / Tower Weight

Learning Targets:

1. Learn basic engineering principles
2. Identify basic shapes that form structures
3. Design a tower for structural strength, that will hold weight (Support a Load)
4. Use the student made design to construct a tower using given materials


Tension: the action of being stretched to stiffness

Compression: the action of being pressed or squeezed

Weight: a load with a certain heaviness, a specific force due to gravity

Support: to hold up or serve as a foundationrt


Class Instruction Update

1. Literacy
2. Quia Research
3. Daily Activity


Day 1
Engineering Towers Pre-Test

~ Activity - Draw Full size Side View Patterns
Sesssion - 1 Activity

Day 2

Quia Research

~ Activity - Finish full size drawings, then watch Video
Session - 2 Activity

Day 3
Quia Research

~ Activity - Build outer structure of tower with Balsa Wood Sticks
Session - 3 Activity

Day 4
Quia Research

~ Activity - Horizontal pieces of tower with Balsa Wood Sticks
Session - 4 Activity

Day 5

Quia Research

~ Activity - Diagonal pieces of tower with Balsa Wood Sticks
Session - 5Activity

Day 6
Study Guide

~ Activity - Last day to work on Tower Panels
~ Watch Video if you completed all four panels
Session - 6 Activity

Day 7

Post Test

~ Activity - Assemble Tower Panels, weigh & tag your structure
Session - 7 Activity

Module Records
Quia Research Example

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Tower Module Record

S-2 Activity
S-3 Activity
S-4 Activity
Towers Study Guide

Towers Post Test
S-7 Activity