CO2 Car Design Process


I am dividing the students that are in CO2 design into the Purple Team & White Team
You need to see the class calendar to see if it is a Purple day or White day.
On these days one team will be working on CO2 car design, and the other team
will be working on the CO2 car written design process.


7th Period Purple Day

7th Period White Day

8th Period Purple Team

8th Period White Team

Bishop, Brandon
English, Mason
Bryant Kitchen
Julian, Cory
Salas-Rueda, Ivan


Prezi Document

Akins, Tucker
Anien, Shalom
Cronister, Joseph
Escobar, Rony
Johnson, Seth

McCabe, Addison
Pasteur, Beau
Russell, Mya
Torres, Brandon
Waugh, Samantha


Aerodynamics Unit- Dragster Project


CO2 Car Design Assignments

1. CO2 Cars Dragster Design Process Assignment .doc
(download this document and
upload to your google docs)
1. Open google docs
2. Open file picker
3. Select Upload
4. Select file from compter

~ CO2 Cars Dragster Prezi Presenation

2. Co2 Car Slide Show By Mr. Lopez

3. - 3 D Isometric Projection Thumbnail Video

Isometric Examples

~ CO 2 Car Design Worksheet

Final Assignment Last Week

1. Share Prezi Document to pcmsdragons7@gmail.com

2. CO2 Dragster Final Assignment
(download this document and upload to your google docs)

~ Download Doc. to desktop
~ Go to your google drive
~ Click New
~ Select File Upload
~ Go to your google Doc. begin editing

CO2 Dragster Notes: this will help answers final assignment questions

~ When completed share document to: pcmsdragons7@gmail.com

~ Prezi Doc. and Schematic Drawing
need to completed before race day

3. Plus full size Schematic Drawing turned in before race day.

CO2 Car Exam Study Guide

3. CO2 Car Final Exam

CO2 Car Grading Rubric

CO2 Car Race Form

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