Marketing Brochure Project

Day 1
Technology Standard

Abilities for a Technilogical World:
Standard 11 - Students will develop abilities to apply the Design Process.

Unit Objectives

To learn what marketing /advertising is.

To understand what goes into creating advertising campaign. (Brochure)

To learn the life skills of communication and persuasion. (Present Brochure)

Marketing & Advertising.ppt

1. Smart Marketing IQ Test

2. Advertising & Marketing Document.pdf

3. Fundamentials of Marketing Video (wmv)
      (only have to watch 5:30 seconds ofvideo)

4. Marketing Test Notes


Microsoft Publisher
Brochure Template

Use this Template for a Standard 3 score
Brochure Template

Create your own Publisher Brochure
for Standard 3.5 - 4 score

Please watch video when you think
you have completed your brochure

Brochure Finished

After you watched the Brochure Finished Video, and made your final corrections.

Email your completed Brochure Document to:

~ Open your Google Account
~ From your Google Apps, select Gmail
~ Select Compose >>> To
Subject >>> Brochure, First & last name, class hour
~ Select the paper clip >>> You will attach your document to the email
~ Press Send >>> check with teacher to make the email has been received.


Mr. Lopez Example

Required Content
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Grading Rubric