Digital Image Template

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4. Fire

8. Light Saber.pdf
Follow these instructions

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Email your completed Digital Image document to:

~ Open your Google Account
~ From your Google Apps, select Gmail
~ Select Compose >>> To
Subject >>> Digital Image, First & last name, class hour
~ Select the paper clip >>> You will attach your document to the email
~ Press Send >>> check with teacher to make the email has been received.
















On Task:
Day One: Make Folder on desk top, save Digital Image Template to folder, save images to folder, save B/W imges to your document.

Day Two: Complete Car Color, and Eye Color, start Fire.

Day Three: Finish Fire, Lightning Bolt.

Day Four: Background / Image / Text, if time complete

Day Five: Light Saber.
Email your completed Digital Image Document to:

Ask how I made this... Mr. L