Famous Inventor Project

~ Conduct research and create a "Wanted Poster" for a famous inventor.
Include info about the Inventor and Invention.

Task Definition:
~ You are going to create an informational presentation on a Famous Inventor. You will need to include
biographical information on the inventor, and why the invention was created. You will also need to
explain how the invention works, how it has changed lives and or the world.
These are not your onions… Research Facts

~ Information Seeking Strategies:
Students will determine possible resources needed to research their Inventor and Invention.
Students will determine which information / resources are most important.
Students will need to research both the Invention and the Inventor.

~ The Presentation is of your choice, example’s;
Poster ~ Website ~ PowerPoint ~ Brochure ~ Google Slides ~ Prezi ~ Newsletter ect.

Google Slide Show Requiremts

If you made a Google Slide Show, follow these instructions to your slide slide show.

1. Select Transition
2. Choose a Transition of choice
3. Adjust Transition to 3.5 seconds
4. Apply to all slides
5. Share presentation to pcmsdragons7@gmail.com
6. Fill out Presentaion Questions.

If you are FINISHED !!!

1. Send me your presentation.
2. Attach grading Rubric to research word document.
3. Put word document in class hour grading trey.


~ Email your completed Presentation:

~ Open your Google Account
~ From your Google Apps, select Gmail
~ Select Compose >>> To pcmsdragons7@gmail.com
Subject >>> Presentation, First & last name, class hour
~ Select the paper clip >>> You will attach your document to the email
~ Press Send >>> check with teacher to make the email has been received.


Adding Music to your Presentation

Copy and paste the URL from youtube to the youtube to mp3 converter.
Open the downloads folder and drag music to your desktop folder.

~ YouTube to mp3 Converter

~ YouTube to mp3 Converter