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When we study the great inventions of the world, we find that they are either very simple, basic things like the wheel or very complex things like the computer. Some inventions were silly, some deadly serious, but even the inventions that were not successful were not all failures either. Each invention shed some light on the good intentions of the inventor and their quest to improve the quality of life. Here is a short movie about George Nissen the Inventor of the trampoline.

Depth of Knowledge

• Year Invented: (Your answer must include who, when and where invented).
• Why was it Invented? (Also, explain if this was a new invention or an innovation to a previous invention)
• Function of Invention? (What does it do)

• Changes in the Invention over time: (Please list any changes, all inventions have changes over time)
• Impact – On Modern Living: (What benefit or contribution does your Invention have on society)
• Did you think your Invention had a Positive or Negative impact on society? (Explain)


"Inventor of the Trampoline"
(Watch Video)
George Nissen

Invention Assignment

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