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Invention History

When we study the great inventions of the world, we find that they are either very simple, basic things like the wheel or very complex things like the computer. Some inventions were silly, some deadly serious, but even the inventions that were not successful were not all failures either. Each invention shed some light on the good intentions of the inventor and their quest to improve the quality of life. Here is a short movie about George Nissen the Inventor of the trampoline.

Depth of Knowledge

• Function of Invention? What does it do
• Why did the Invention happen? Solve a problem or by accident
• Type of Invention and Why? Was the invention Created then there became a Demand for the invention. If your invention improved on an existing product, then it would be considered a Demand and Created type of an invention. (ie) frisbee & drinking straw
• Impact – On Modern Living: Benefit invention has on society
• Impact – On environment: Is the invention environmentally friendly, can it be recycled...


"Inventor of the Trampoline"
(Watch Video)
George Nissen


1. Invention Vocabulary .pdf- There will a 100 pt. matching test later in the week.

2. Essay Template(updated) .pdf [See Teacher for Essay Template] Completed Invention Vocabulary.

3. Essay Instructions

3. Invention Essay .pdf - 100 pts.

Famous Inventions : A to Z

Invention Project

1. Invention Poster .pdf - 200 pts.

    Invention Vocabulary Test 1
    Invention Vocabulary Test 2

     Invention Vocabulary Re-Take Test

You will be given an answer sheet. Turn in test when finished. Make sure to put your name & Student number.

Instructional Videos
and other poster information

A ) Saving your Data

B ) Poster Questions

     * Poster Questions pdf.

       **Read your Invention story
       **Watch video C) Poster Criteria before answering poster questions

C ) Poster Criteria (5 minutes) Explain how to answer poster questions

       * Invention Descriptions .pdf
        * Poster Questions - Why did the Invention Happen? & Type of Invention and Why? (3 minutes)

D) Getting Images & Citing your source (4 minutes)    

E) R U Finished? (6 minutes)

F) Putting your Poster Together (2.5 minutes) Watch Video before printing document

G) Poster Presentation (We will not be Presenting Posters)


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Invention Quiz

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