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"Today you will develop a Website with Google Sites "
Please follow the all step by Instructions...

Standard 1: Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology.

Standard 8. Students willdevelop an understanding ofthe attributes of design.

Standard 10. Students willdevelop an understanding ofthe role of troubleshooting ,research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentationin problem solving.

Mr. Lopez Google Website: Paper Clip

Mr. Lopez GMail: Gmail: pcmsdragons7@gmail.com

Invention Web Site Topics:
Earmuffs. Levis, Drive In Movies, Basketball, Frisbee, Trampoline, Band Aid, Kleenex,Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dixie Cups, Water Skis, Teabags, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Scotch Tape, Howard Johnson’s Restaurants, Sneakers, Life Savers Candy, Roller Skates, Milk Bottles. Eskimo Pie, Drinking Straws, Ballpoint Pen, Zipper, Xerox Machine, Kodachrome Color Film


Invention Vocabulary Pre - Test

1. Inventions Vocabulary

2. Word List - Use this list for vocabulary definitions.

~ Number 1-10, Copy the Term and it's definition on the back of your Invention Website Information Sheet .


When you have completed your Vocabulary and Vocabulary Pre-test, choose an Invention Topic.


3. Invention Website Topics
Website Topics
Sign up By Mr. Lopez Desk

Complete the Information Sheet about your Invention Topic

4. Website Design Information Sheet

Famous Inventions : A to Z


After completing your Website design sheet, please have Instructor check your information.

Follow Instructions for creating a google website.


Invention Website Instructions

5a Google Login

5b Website Pages

5c Editing Website

5d Publish

Re-Publish Instructions

5 e Email Instructions

Invention Website Page


This document shows what is
required on each web page.

Invention Grading Rubric (.pdf)

6 . Make sure to take Post Test & Turn In Invention Website Information Sheet

Inventions Vocabulary Post-Test

7. Play Game before free time...

Fling the Teacher


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