Reading a Ruler



Make Customary (Inch) Rulers

This activity produces 4 rulers:
one marked in inches,
one marked in half-inches,
one marked quarter-inches,
one marked in eighth-inches.
You may fold the paper to reveal
only one ruler at a tim


Front of Paper

You will need piece of paper and a pencil
We will make a 1 inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch ruler
The Instrucrtor will advice you on folding the paper

Open this link to see how to fold paper



Back of Paper

You and your partner plese answer the ruler questions together,
you may use your paper ruler for help.

(((Answers go on the back of your ruler paper

1 inch a

1/2 inch a

1/4 inch a

1/8 inch a

1/16 inch a