Measurement Lab Part 1

Measurement Literacy Vocabulary

Measurement 1/8 inch Pre-Test
Teacher will pass out the quiz
Measurement Review

1. Measurement Introduction: Group Discussion

Use this link for an Introduction for:

2. Reading a Ruler (wmv) pc

3. Play Fling the Teacher Measurement
Record your answers on your answer sheet

3. Fling the Teacher
Question & Answer game.
Student Worksheet

Measure 10 items around the classroom
Record your answers on your answer sheet
Turn in assignment when finished...

Measurement Pre-Test

Measurement Lab Part 2

See the Teacher to get a piece of printer paper, watch this link on how to fold the paper:

1. Folding Paper (.wmv) pc

After folding your paper open this link:

2. Getting started
(wmv) pc

There are examples in your module of the paper ruler and answer sheet.

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Measurement Lab Part 3

Measurement Depth of Knowledge

DOK Temp

Measurement DOK Questions

When finished with both sides turn in assignment.

Measurement Lab Part 4

Measurement Practice

Play Ruler Game & Measure the Fish:
(Watch Video)

Ruler Game Instructions

Make sure to get a recording sheet !!!
See Mr. Lopez

Ruler Game

Ruler Template.pdf

More Measurement Practice

Measure the Fish Instructions

Measure the Fish Game
(Start at Level 3)

Current Fish Measuring Record:
Level 3 = 103 Right   /  0 Wrong
~ Jillian Sealey
~ Harlie Edgington

Level - 3 Right 105   /  2 Wrong
~ Alycia Cosens

Measurement Test Day

((((Test Review))))

1/8" Ruler   
For Standard 3 grade 100%

1/16" Ruler
For Standard 4 grade 100%

Ruler Game

Measureme the Fish Game
(Start at Level 3)

See Mr. Lopez for written test


Completed the Measurement Unit !!!!





Measurement Test